Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sunland sunland

Recently, I received a mail from Sunland (Property developer BluestoneGreen) saying that their contractors have requested another 15 days extension due to 'wet weather'. But.. why do they want to inform me about this? 15 days is nothing. Even now there is a 7 months expected delay. I don't care anymore.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


We had our tender today. Few unexpected and expected site costs were there. Things like Guardrail, meterial handling charges due to limited site access and some counsil requirement will add absolutely no value to the house. For the moment this is arround $6000 :). Still costs for rock removal and possible H class slab yet to come.

Since Sunland is not going to release the land until December we might have to pay additional $3500 to Carlisle (this is based on April price list).

But still we are within our budget. Thats the positive side about it.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Colour Browse

We had our colour browse appointment last Saturday. Here are some of the details:
External Selections:

Bricks: Homestead Mushroom [upgrade]
Mortar: Off-white [upgrade]
Roof Tiles: Elbana/Barramndi
Gutters/Fascias/Downpipes: Monument/Monument/Jasper
Aluminium windows: Jasper

Garage Door: Tuscan (not shown)/Jasper

Front door: PMAD 04/Clear glazing/Jasper

Internal paint selections:

Ceiling cornice: Standard cove
Internal walls: As per display
Architrave/Skirting/Doors: As per display
Architrave/Skirting profile: Double pencil round 67*12

External/Internal fixtures & fittings:
External handles: Lianna lever on round rosette (satin chrome) / 846 Single cylinder deadbalt
Internal handles: Elena lever on round rosette (satin chrome)

Cabinet handles: Greenwich 200 (natura brushed) / Margo (dull nickel)
Basins: Tara square above counter

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Different facades

Montrose comes with few different facades. Two free ones. Others you have to pay. Carlisle didn't have computer generated images of any of these facades. However sales person provided us a list of already built houses. So we did bit of a research. Btw: if the owners of these houses want to remove their pictures from my blog please let me know.

Soho: Expensive and we thought too much timber in the facade (probably high maintenance).

Waterview: Relatively inexpensive. Looks like a common design. But nice.

Villina: Expensive. A contemporary design

Verona: Expensive again.

All these facades come with very little or no rendering. So you have to pay on top of the facade price tag.

Montrose 32

Hi all,
We are planing to build our new home with Carlisle Homes. We picked Montrose 32 design.

We have already bought the land in Bluestonegreen (Still it is quite affordable over there).

Here is the floor plan: pdf