Sunday, August 28, 2011

Render, internal doors, architraves etc

We had a on site meeting with our SS. Main aim of this meeting was to discuss the solution for the wrongly installed single glazed window. SS promised us to discuss the matter with his manager and get back to us. I don't have much hope of a replacement now :|

At the same there is a good news also. According to the SS we are good for the handover in seven weeks. Good one. We are not ready.

Oh the water leak is fixed now and SS promised me to fix some of other miner issues I reported.

Some rendering.

Doors are installed.

Architraves and skirting.

Also down pipes.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gyprocking started, Bricks done! Lockup?

We had yet another speedy week. Got the lockup invoice also :-|. We are not really locked out though.

Facade is getting it's shape. Some rendering and pergola to come

Our own water feature in room two.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bricklaying, Wiring, Ducts and the First stuff up

Roof is now completed and bricklaying started. From a distance now it looks like a house :). I am pleased about the progress so far. Everything seems to happening in some logical order. Also we've got preliminary electrical wiring, water/gas/ducted vacuum plumbing and ducts for heating and evaporative cooling. So lots happened.

However, sadly... they installed a wrong type of a facade window. Corner butt joint window is a single glazed now. Which is completely wrong!!. As I mentioned in my previous blog I upgraded all my windows to double glazed (except the bifold door. which was bloody expensive). For this window only the frame was delivered initially (because of the heaviness) and as soon as I saw the frame I knew it wasn't made for double glazing. Then I informed my admin and SS and SS told me that it was the correct one. Well.. I was correct. I hope Carlisle Homes will show their professionalism and correct this problem as soon as possible.

I went to site on Saturday and I saw a guy doing something close to my switch board. I was suppressed and I thought 'Oh they even work Saturdays'. Actually, it was bricklayers of my neighbouring house stealing electricity from my house. Not cool at all!

its getting the shape
is this off white mortar? hmm time will tell.
lots of ducts
i love these
problem window

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Frame completed

We had yet another speedy week. Frame seems to be almost complete and wrapped. Also windows are placed and roof is nearly done. We also met our nice site supervisor (accidently :)).

Wrapped and windows are in place ...

Double glazed. cool ...

Master bedroom

Bricks delivered (Austral Fawn)