Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tiling continues...

Now the wall tiling (ensuite and bath room) has been done and tiler now laying the floor tiles. It looks pretty good but very hard to capture it with the camera :). I think they had to use some sort of a grinder to level the floor. All the windows, cabinets are covered with white dust due to this grinding.


Around the kitchen

Monday, September 19, 2011

Tiling now

Well.. nothing much happened last week. I could see very little progress (May be they had been doing something I couldn't see :D). Tilers started their works last friday. According to our SS most of the tiling will be done within this week. So can't wait to see how it is looking once totally tiled!

White tiles and my budget feature strip..

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Internal painting and front Pergola

It is just bit more than two months into the build and we are so pleased with the progress. Now painters have finished all the internal works, so it is ready for tiling.

Also the facade Pergola is halfway finished. Initially the carpenter installed the Pergola at wrong height and it has now been corrected. There are some other issues with the facade but I am sure they will be easily fixed as they are minor (naughty tradies haven't followed the drawings). I am getting pretty good at picking defects now. SS is also very supportive and defects are getting fixed.

Facade is almost done.

Theatre room from the Lounge

Paint looks neat

Just after it is painted, we got our pet spider home.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

It is ready for painting

We had yet another steady week at our site :). Cabinets are now installed and walls are prepared for painting next week. Bricks are also cleaned and then look neat. Only issue I could see is they have installed a wrong vanity option in the powder room. It should be straight forward to fix.

I received another good news from our SS. CH's window manufacturer has agreed to fix the facade window and it is going to be double glazed. So well done SS. This is a big confidence booster.

Facade: Paint and Pergola to come

Cleaned brick work. Austral Fawn: We expected this to be bit more darker but it turned out to be much lighter. But we don't mind the current look though. 

Kitchen through a window (remember it is locked up :|)