Sunday, October 23, 2011

It is time for the inspection

We are having our inspection this Thursday. Still the facade hasn't been finalised though. It might happen in next few days. However, it is good to get over this milestone as well. Then it is just the handover.

We have already reported most of the defects we could see. Hopefully, they might get resolved quickly.

Facade needs some rectifications (including making left most window double glazed) and painting.

Splashback to come.

And some damage repairing

Also wrong powder room vanity option and about 10+ more defects... :)


  1. They're going to be working overtime to get it all done for you this week Yam. But your SS must be pretty confident to go ahead with PCI. So, so close now!!

  2. Good Luck with PCI and speedy Handover Yam.

    Those tiles are going to look magnficent cleaned up!

  3. can't wait to see the splashback in your kitchen :)everything is looking great.... Good luck with your PCI..!!!

  4. I am pretty confident that they will get all your issues resolved before the inspection. Good luck :)

  5. Thanks everyone. Had a chat with SS and the facade won't be finished for the pci. However, we are going ahead. It is bit weird but no point wasting time. Btw.. He promised to replaced the damaged door. It is pretty interesting to see how long it might take from pci.