Friday, October 28, 2011

PCI done

We had our inspection yesterday. We didn't find any new major defects other than few more cosmetic defects. Handover will be in two weeks time. Cool.

Inside looks clean now.

Kitchen with the splashback.


  1. Oh Yam, it's gorgeous!!!!
    Your ensuite is so crisp and fresh looking. Insanely jealous of that master bed window... What a great feature. And your kitchen looks really welcoming.

    I hope the next 2 weeks don't drag on too long! Have fun with the last minute rush to handover :)

  2. Well Done Yam - so close.

    Kitchen looks gorgeous with the sparkling splashback complimenting the caesarstone benchtops.

    Also love the raised square basins in the ensuite.

    Just awesome to see everything clean and shiny.

  3. Awesome news is looking beautiful...nice to know that only few issues were raised. Now for the boxing and unboxing to follow up :). I guess after all the hard work of packing and unpacking you can rest in your beautiful SPA....:)

  4. All so shiny and pretty !! Looking great yam!

  5. Thank you guys! Yeah now it is less than two weeks to go..Facade is yet to be finished. Replacement of facade window (to a double glazed) and replacement of wrong vanity option are the most major rectifications left. Let's see how we go.

  6. Excellent and congratulations !!!!