Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Handover delayed

Yesterday, I got an update from the SS and now the handover has been delayed at least by another week. This is disappointing. Facade is still under construction. And few other unfinished jobs here and there. It never looked they were going to finish it before the handover. But this wasn't the cause for the delay. We are still waiting for the council certificate. It wasn't issued because of some unknown (to me) reason.

At last the facade window has been double glazed. Good job!

Also we got free fencing from Sunland (developer).

Porch ceiling is still not water proofed. What is that ink mark :|


  1. Hang in there Yam...it'll all be worth it.
    Fingers crossed that this is the last delay and your gorgeous home will be exactly that...YOURS very very soon :)

  2. not too long to go.... a week will pass by before you know it..... Fence is looking good :) Hope you get the council certificate soon...!!! Keep us updated

  3. Frustrating Yam but you want house perfect and completed to Contract. If you feel work is taking too long and no trades 'on site' ask to speak to Construction Manager.

    The mark appears to show where water damage? is occuring - if fixed, should have a good test with rain forecast.

    Keep sight of your beautiful new home.

  4. Thanks guys!

    Reorganising everything is more annoying than the delay.

    I think the mark on the ceiling caused by something beneath the pain works has been bloated. Porch is still not water proofed.

    Debra: I don't really understand why no one is working on the site. Hmm good suggestion Debra!

  5. Hey Manoj, have you heard back from Carlisle about your handover? hope it happens soooonnnnn! :)

  6. Hi mate,
    How did you go about the putting the Color-bond fence. Did you apply for it yourself to blue-stone or though your land agent .
    My house is getting close to completion stage , so i wonder i should put the request Now. My land agent is not returning my calls. I should give blue stone at least 8 weeks notice before getting occupancy certificate.
    Let me know cheers